Grey Goose Cinema

Project info
  • Location

    Cognac, France

  • Client

    Grey Goose

  • Status


The conversion of a barn, which made up part of a historic chateau, into a boutique cinema as part of Le Logis; the brand home of Grey Goose Vodka just outside of Cognac, France.

The project was designed, in collaboration with Ragged Edge, Grey Goose’ brand designers, to be an immersive celebration of both Grey Goose and the timeless romance and rich culture of French film.

Inspiration came from the early 20th century, art deco cinemas of Paris. Luxurious custom seating and brass reclaimed French Holophane lighting are combined with the existing timber structure to create a contemporary design offset by the original character of this historic Chateau.

The design entices you in through a classic cinema style, bulb illuminated blue entrance hall, visible from around the Chateau. The user then discovers a multi-functional room; a boutique cinema with the option to sit around the fire place, enjoying the custom, cinema inspired drinks served from the bespoke and elegantly detailed bar.

The Cinema Lumiére is designed to delight and intrigue the Chateau guests, to give them a truly French experience, all rounded off with the luxurious sophistication embodied by Grey Goose.

Photographs by Billy Bolton